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>FREE< A Small Guide to Building Bigger Arms pdf

M Usman,Managing Director John Davidson,Mendon Cottage Books,: A Small Guide to Building Bigger Arms

A Small Guide to Building Bigger Arms


Preface Chapter # 1: The Role of Nutrition in Bodybuilding Benefits of Proper Nutrition How Often to Eat How Much Should You Eat What Should You Eat Chapter # 2: How Long Should You Train Fitness Level Experience Training Duration When Will You See Results Chapter # 3: Warming Up The Benefits of Warming Up How to Warm-Up for Arm Workouts Chapter # 4: Exercises for Shoulders Formation of the Shoulders Best Exercises for Massive Shoulders Chapter # 5: Exercises for Bigger Triceps Formation of the Triceps Exercises Chapter # 6: Exercises for Biceps Formation of the Biceps Exercises to Perform Chapter # 7: Avoiding the Plateau How the Body Adapts Chapter # 8: Introduction to Injuries Types of Injuries Causes of Arm Injuries Chapter # 9: Treatment and Prevention of Injuries Preventing Injuries Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Preface When trying to determine how muscular one is, the arms are usually the first indicator. While not everyone might be able to grow their arms easily, just a little muscle goes a long way in giving you pride. Building your arms will not only make them grow in size, but they will also become stronger. Activities that used to make you sweat will start feeling like a piece of cake. As if that's not enough, big arms will get you compliments from both men and women. But to achieve that, you will need to listen to the right advice. Exercise alone will not do it. If you are serious about getting big arms, read this book now, as it has everything you must know to get the arms you dream of. Enjoy the reading.

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Author: M Usman,Managing Director John Davidson,Mendon Cottage Books,
Number of Pages: 44 pages
Published Date: 21 Aug 2015
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781516989546
Download Link: Click Here

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